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Services Offered: Consulting

Our consulting service is affordable and specifically tailored to your needs. The consulting capacity of Global Lake extends from all aspects of J85 Engine Rebuild
aircraft sales to research and development opportunities. Global Lake maintains an up-to-date world-class network of;
  • government officials
  • local industry
  • researchers

and professionals energized in providing timely and quality guidance on a vast range of subject matter.


A strong friendship exists between our staff and principles which enables Global Lake full dedication to our principle's needs. Integrity and honesty illuminates Global Lake's representational capabilities beyond our competitors and are the hallmark of our dedication to our principles. We take great pride in providing a highly value secure contacts that ensures the highest level of confidentiality in our operations


Global Lake is unrelenting in finding the right product for your requirements, competent in procuring and delivering on-time, and specialized in full unbroken life-cycle support. This service we offer is unmatched in Asia-Pacific. Our trained staff has been producing solid sales growth for clients for 25 years in Asia-Pacific.

Aircraft Ground Handling & Refueling

Our personnel in Jakarta Indonesia specialize in aircraft charter, servicing and ground handling.
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eFax +1-866-835-3836